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Blue merle border collie


This beautiful dog is from a planned cross to get more bite into my dogs. Small ball of fire is her motive of operation, and we are working on control.  My original female had amazing balance and eye on stock. I didn't finish her well and she had the drive but training lacked and she wouldn't hit an animal to make it move. I searched for a dog and found one that does bite to cross with the dam. This female has great balance and will bite. She is a bit on the shy side with people.

border collie red and white


This girl is coming along nicely and has amazing balance, eye and bite as well. Big and bold describes her movement I am excited to work with her. If I could slick off her coat I would. Otherwise this female is really nice. She is outgoing and stock driven to the point I can't leave her out, so she needs a full time job. I am starting them both. She is not shy and very outgoing.

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