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State Fair preparations begin.

Well let the fun begin in earnest. We are penciling out. who we are taking and working with them to lead, looking for a VRBO rental for the week and making sure we have the items that we need for state fair. Redesigning our hats for this year and better signs for the public. We hope to see you there.

We are excited to be returning with some of the same animals from last year as well as some new additions that we are adding to our program. Look for future updates or sneak peak on our patreon page.

Some of the animals that will be returning are Diva and Luke who were babies on their dams last year. Others that we plan to return with are Jigsaw, Felina, Spanky w/new baby. Some maybe's are Delta 2022 Champion Female w/baby and Leroy, who is for sale so may be gone.

We are working on some new animals as well, however not sure we will get them out here in time to get them halter broke. We have a new heifer and two bull prospects we are trying.

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