Scarletta-mini cow


Scarletta was brought out from Ok to our ranch in California late 2019.  We hope to see her horns continue in the twist pattern and love her splashed paint coloring on top of a beefy body type. We really like this cow as mini breeding stock and her genetics. We are excited to see what her and Rocky produce. 

dob:04/09/2016     ITLA#282493       TLBAA#CM302841



Toy Spot It JAT

February 15, 2020

Scarletta X Bogle Farms Lil Rock has arrived. I am considering keeping this guy as future Herdsire as I really like his coloring and potential to stay extra small. 



Toy Scarrletta JAT 21/4

April 23, 2021

A beautifully marked red and white heifer with amazing deep red. We love her markings and plan to raise her on a bottle or a nurse cow so she will be much tamer and kid friendly.



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