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Why we do this!

Finding Beauty and Friendship in Every Dog

Why raise puppies, is so often a question asked of many who choose to raise  purebred animals. Why not adopt? There are so many up for adoption and we encourage people that can to do so. However, there are instances where a purebred puppy is going to work out better. Many times dogs up for adoption are of mixed breed and when you are wanting a dog to herd each out cross dilutes the nature that is in Border collies and gives them than innate drive to gather. This instinct is born and cannot be trained, they do it because they love it. When training for herding purebred Border Collies tend to pay closer attention than many cross breds. However every pup produced may not have that drive and only the best are kept for the next generation. For this reason we also pay attention to their attitude around people so the pups that don't make it will also be good companion/family pets. We have put together a list of pics and short testimonials of people that have bought from us in the past we hope you enjoy these pictures and what they say.

Gayla 3 sheep

Photo used with permission

Your Story:Alumni and Owners

Well we have finally gotten a page up of dogs that we have sold. We love to hear

from our family of dog owners and really love seeing all the pictures of our dogs living life. From farm to staterooms, where ever you live with your dog we love to see them. We hope you enjoy seeing all our past dogs and the myriad of colors that our dogs have produced.

To our family of dog owners please send us updates and we hope to add a running gallery at the end of this with pictures of your dogs as they grow up and mature. We like action shots and love the ones on stock, as that is what we breed for. If you have your favorite on your phone shoot it over for us to share. And feel free to tag us on social media.

Meet Our Team

Places we have been!








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