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Dazzy-Miniature Texas longhorn Heifer

March 26, 2022

Wow look at that hide.

Dazzy is the 2022 CA State Fair Reserve Junior heifer shown by my 6 yr old daughter. She was born red and has now changed to a dark parker brown often called black and white. Dazzy's mom, Blondie has great big and wide horns that go out and up. 


R/w female

Female R/W non typical

Feb 4, 2022

What a great colored little blue eyed female we have here with a medium coat. If you want a great dog that stands out then she is it. Don't hesitate she won't last long.  Her dad has amazing grit and will bite anything to turn it with or without horns. Her mom has amazing eye and balance and she should make an outstanding stock dog. If your looking for help on the ranch then here is your chance to raise one. Introduced to stock and definitely interested.

-Traditional marked w/spots

-Speckled face

-Medium coat

-Working parents



Texas Longhorn CoW

TLBAA & ITLA registered

This cow would look great in any front yard. Beautiful black tipped twisted horns with plenty of length close to 60 inches to them. Her grandam had a triple twist and she is on her way at 6 yrs with plenty of life and calves left in her she would look great in any pasture. She has that desired brindle and roan flecks. She throws colored up calves. Running with bull until sold


Blue Merle Female

Female Blue Merle

Feb 4, 2022

Shazzam look at her! What great markings and those killer blue eyes. With all those specks as she grows she should stand out anywhere you go. Her dad has amazing grit and will bite anything to turn it with or without horns. Her mom has amazing eye and balance and she should make an outstanding stock dog. If your looking for help on the ranch then this girl is it. Introduced to stock and very interested.

-Red Carrier

-Blue Merle

-Smooth coat

-Working parents



Patches-Miniature Texas longhorn Heifer

March 9, 2022

Patches was the Champion Junior Heifer and Reserve Champion Heifer at 2022 CA State Fair. She is by our beloved Ruby who has big wide texas twist horns that are turning full out. This girl is red and white with amazing color and was shown by my 4 yr old son (with a little insurance help by dad). She is very well balanced and will add amazing genetics to any mini herd.




2020 steer Blondie x Rocky

This is a nice Reserve Junior Champion CA State Fair 2022 steer with some nice horns, just look at his dam. Steers horns also grow for life. He is halter broke and leads fairly nicely. Sometimes he will let you walk up to him in pasture and I am sure with focused attention would be a great pet and amazing yard art. His coat is a kaleidoscope of colors as well. If you need attention to your business then here is the ticket. 


Penny 22 steer

1/2 Mini Jersey Steer

May 2, 2021

This lovely red white lineback steer is available either as a pet or freezer package. If you want him as a pet and want me to halter break him the cost will be more. If you want healthy meat for your family that is heart healthy then this is your chance.



Baseball Cap

Tbone cattle branded

We had great response to these at 2022 CA state Fair. With a lot of people asking how they could get one. So by popular demand we are offering these for sale. We'll have updated colors soon.

Currently available are

Khakie and Tan

Red and Gray

Other colors ordered soon.



Sangria's Miniature Texas longhorn Heifer

August 18, 2022

Wow look at this girls coloring and considering moms horn potential I am going to kick myself for even offering her for sale. Her mom, Sangria, does have our widest set of horns and amazing twist. But we were only planning to keep a few each year so if you want to add this girl to your herd act fast before I come to my senses.



Texas Longhorn Cow

TLBAA & ITLA registered

Want some great yard art to enjoy in your front pasture. Here is a great horned animal. Red and white splashed hide with twisty horns. Breeding stock miniature and bred to mini bull. Sells exposed back to bull. This cow will eat out of your hand and throws great colored calves. We got a heifer out of her and have to many cows for our pasture is our only reason for selling. A beautiful paint cow.



Beef by the Side

Organic and your way

We have two options for you this summer. Both are sold by the hanging weight at the processor, after you pay me I release it for you to pick up.

You can pick half a mini longhorn steer and you get to have it cut like you want it.


You can pick one of two halves of a longhorn/angus steer. they are both organic and will be grass fed and finished out on grass. if you want some amazing tasting beef with better health profile here is your chance.

Pretty beef is whats for dinner!


CA Wildfire's Gypsy Spirit

Ask about free delivery in CA


Wow! Started driving and riding and does amazing in both. Need to add flash to your driving team then here is the chrome you need. She has mane and tail to spare. Her coat pattern just sparkles and screams look at me with contrasting splashes of Black and white with light roaning thrown in a few places. She moves out very nicely and could make someone a great saddle horse or driving partner. 

-DNA tested

-Homozygous for the Black gene!
For the gypsy people she traces back twice to Bob the Blagdon, The Streetsweeper and The Coal Horse. 

Training: Started in driving and now has 30 days professional training under saddle. Look for video to come on trail obstacles. She does great through water or on scary bridges. Keeps momentum forward. Going to be a great trail horse!