CA Wildfire's Gypsy Spirit

For Sale $Private Treaty

Registered GHRA


Wow! Started driving and riding and does amazing in both. Need to add flash to your driving team then here is the chrome you need. She has mane and tail to spare. Her coat pattern just sparkles and screams look at me with contrasting splashes of Black and white with light roaning thrown in a few places. She moves out very nicely and could make someone a great saddle horse or driving partner. 

-Registration papers in mail.

-Homozygous for the Black gene!
For the gypsy people she traces back twice to Bob the Blagdon, The Streetsweeper and The Coal Horse. 

Training: I am now riding her outside of the roundpen and am truly amazed by her trainability. She even hooked onto a cow and was tracking it her first time around it. I am taking her also to a driving instructor who is very pleased with her progress and hopes to hook her to a cart this week. 

2021 Spring Calves


Looking for some beautiful Yard art or the best looking lawn mowers. If you want to have first chance at new calves then sign up for our email. We will do our best to  email those on our list first before offering them in other places. Above pictured calves are sold but we are expecting five in 2021


Black roan hip steer

I almost outran my spots

What a great deep black little guy we have here. This guy can be halter broke and if paired with a white little guy could create a lovely image in your front pasture. With the horns growing for life and the roaning on hips this guy will create a stunning picture for people to see in your pasture. Ca State Fair 2021 has a longhorn Show he could be shown in.


Black and white steer

I fell in the ink barrel.

Got flash. This little guy looks amazing. What a great contrast between his deep black and white. He has the spots on his body and black points to go with it. He would look great along side one of the red or white ones and the black with roan hips steer for a nice pasture full. Ca State Fair 2021 has a longhorn Show he could be shown in.


Red Lineback 2yr old

Pretty, pretty

Looking for some beautiful Yard art or the best looking lawn mowers. Here is a great looking steer that you can add to your front yard. He looks to be smaller and already has good horns that will only keep growing. If you need this guy in your front yard get him while you can. Not halter broke but calm in pasture.


Stout Red steer

Hello Red!

Here is a stout little steer that would make a lovely pet for someone. Pair him up with one of the multi colored ones to add presence to any front yard. He comes from show lines so if you wanted to show at CA state fair longhorn show you should stand a good chance. Looks to stay small and grow nice horns. (I have a matched pair to this one also available.) Ca State Fair 2021 has a longhorn Show he could be shown in.


Lazy Tbone Tumbler

27 oz Hot and cold tumbler

Here is your chance to get a hot and cold tumbler with the great lazy t-bone brand on it to let others know what kind of great cows you are looking at.

$20 plus shipping

White red points steer


Here is a lovely little pearl of a steer. Will make a lovely pet that has red points and may get flecks or spots as he matures. There is a matched pair of these if someone wanted to train them as a mini oxen team. They should stay fairly small. The pair of them are uncle and nephew in relationship to each other. Ca State Fair 2021 has a longhorn Show they could be shown in.


Black Lineback steer

Wearing my tuxedo.

Want black and white that should stay very small. Here is a great little steer that has that great silhouette look being outlined in white. Pair this guy up with the white and or Red one for a discount and he will stand out even more. Ca State Fair 2021 has a longhorn Show he could be shown in.


Texas Longhorn Cow

TLBAA & ITLA registered

Want some great yard art to enjoy in your front pasture. Here are two great horned animals. Red and white or Brindle hides with twisty horns. Breeding stock miniature and bred to mini bull. Sells exposed back to bull should calve in spring 2021. If you want a cow ask about ours or if we can help you locate another, we have several connections we can point you in their direction. 



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