Meet Our Ranch Hands

ABCA working bred Border Collies



Kip is our gorgeous Red Merle female border collie. She is registered with ABCA and is used around the ranch as well as guards over our children. There are several pups out there that are working stock from previous litters. If you want pretty working stock dogs then check out this cross. 


Our male is always on the move.  He is a traditional black and white male border collie registered with ABCA. From some great working bloodlines he never got officially started so is a bit shy around crowds but is great with our kids. 

 If you missed your chance to own one of these beautiful dogs sign up for our updates so you get first chance when the next litter comes. We currently are planning a litter for around Christmas.  

Our pups come from two very high energy parents and are not suited for inside dogs. They need space and exercise daily and often. The herding instinct is very high in the parents and often the pups will find a way to cope by herding anything that moves. Think kids, cats, cars, etc.

We thank you for looking at our litter, we look to keep one from this litter for ourselves so you can help us pick. They are all very nicely marked and we are having trouble picking so whichever one or two is left we look to keep. 


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