Cost of a mini Longhorn

How much does a mini longhorn cost? 

The cost of mini longhorn depends on so many factors that it is not an easy answer. Being a relatively new strain of a very historic breed there are only a limited number of Mini Texas Longhorns available, and even fewer that can be registered with the Texas longhorn associations. So if you want horns like the cow with her head in the bucket or a hide with calico color like the other, there will be a higher price than if you want a deal from your local sale yard or craigslist listing with no papers and little hook horns. Still being in progressive stages of getting smaller animals you also can expect to pay a premium for animals with smaller genetics. (Don't confuse this with baby calves! They grow up and if from regular genetics have the potential to grow quite large.) Don't expect them to be near the price of local beef cattle either. They are quite unique and command a nice price for those that desire astounding hides and great horns for yard art or lawn ornaments that keep that front pasture down. Nothing stops a crowd quite like a Texas longhorn and even more if it is a mini one. 

So here is a list of a few things that drive up the price. 

1. Being registered (as it proves their purity and likely hood of having long or twisted horns.)

2. Coming from small parents who have mini genetics for multiple generations.

3. Coming from mini longhorns that have a show career.

4. Coming from parents that have long showy horns.

5. Beautiful coloring. 

6. Being halter broke, halter trained or show trained. 

7. Location, location, location (shipping cattle is not cheap).

8. This is not an exhaustive list but good luck in your search for a mini longhorn for your pet. Message us if you have any questions. 


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