Meet the producers of Lazy T-bone calves

Here you can find the bulls we have that are herdsire or herdsire material as well as reference sires. We look for miniature Texas longhorns that are small without sacrificing structure or horn. We intend to focus on beef that is pretty and tasty. As we intend to utilize a line breeding program if you are interested in using our bull please let us know and maybe we can arrange for him to visit your place for a time away from home. 


2M Rocky

SS Micro Chief Romeo x Spring Maiden DBL

Rocky was purchased by us in 2019 and is a really nice small bull with great horns for his size. His 'Horn to Height' ratio is 90 with his 35.75 inch horns. He is double bred twice each to Stonewalls Gunnison and Micro Cleatus. We feel this bull is going to really bring down the size of our calves without sacrificing much on horn ratio. 


Got hybrid Vigor? 

Ask how F1 crosses could help you!

 Are you ready to think outside the box? Are you ready to introduce some hybrid vigor into your herd and reduce your input via lower medication? Are you ready to have fat cows of medium size instead of monster bags of bones? Ask how using a Mini Longhorn bull on your  herd could get you some great F1 cross heifers to start building a grass fed medication free herd. Which could lead to higher profits in the all natural market. If you have a beef herd then we need to talk. We may even have heifer sexed semen so you don't have to worry about raising steers. 


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