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Mini longhorn luke State fair 2023

Luke Skywalker

dob:05/04/22 ITLA#291211TLBAA#BMI66748(DNA on file)

2024 World Show Qualified

4th Showmanship at Merced County Fair with Jude

We have big plans for this guy. He was at the CA State Fair with his mom and she won Grand Champion Miniature mature female, 2022. His name reflects his birthdate.

Aug 2023 total horn 30 inches some of our longest at this age so we are excited for him and only 41 inches at 14 mo.

Sire is 45 inches tall Dam is 43 inches tall with 55 inch total horn. Genetically he should cross well with solid colored cows to add white to their calves. He is very tame and muscular for being small. Raising crossbred cows? Longhorns usually make great heifer bulls with low birth-weights.

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