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Fair practice is tiring!!!

Toy Luke Skywalker was finally just done. While practicing leading our calves for fair practice we had only been at it a short time when Luke started resisting Jude's leading. I took over for a a training session to help him move forward on the lead. This is when he started twisting his head down and around and just flopped over. Once on the ground he just laid there. as if to say I am done. He laid there for a decent amount of time. I didn't manage to get a pic of Jude next to him unfortunately. Over all Luke is doing fairly good and we are excited about our county fair opportunity.

Justus is excited to help out with the calf leading practice and really likes Jigsaw even though she is much bigger than him. She is calm most of the time and leads the best. He does get right up behind others and she is the top cow in the small ones so she can start throwing horns and he doesn't know what to do quite yet. We are working on that. In these picture she was done leading and he kept pulling.

Well Adelaide also likes to help but Diva is living up to her name and being quite the Diva in attitude. We are working on her and she will be shown at Merced county fair by Jude, but the plan is to have her trained well enough by State fair for Adelaide to lead her and show her. She loves to think she is leading her and we let her try most times that she asks but as soon as Diva starts in with attitude she wants someone to help her and has a 'good reason' why Diva is doing what she is doing. Diva is also our entry in 'America's Favorite Pet, Animal Kingdom' last year and we plan to repeat that this year. She has a full sibling due any day now.

We would love for you to stop by and visit us at Merced County fair June 6-8th in Merced, California. You can see our three entries for Jude in 4H and cheer for him in the showmanship class.

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