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'Horn 2 Height' ratio

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

What is 'Horn 2 Height' ratio and why is it important?

In Texas Longhorns horn length is a great driving factor in the industry. This drive on standard longhorns has given us some animals with fantastic lengths, which when compared to miniature longhorns makes the mini's horn length seem rather meager. The horn showcase is a great example of the length of horns on these animals. Thinking of soccer scores and how they are anticlimactic, as in the chihuahua's swept the rockets 2-0. Really swept them and only scored 2 points. For this reason we take the horn over the height ratio and multiply by 100.

The answer to this is to compare the 'Horn 2 Height' ratio of standard animals to the ratio of mini's. This will give the mini LH breeders purpose in showing up and competing in horn competitions in their own division.

The way the 'Horn 2 Height' ratio works is to measure the length of an animals horns and place that in a ratio over the height of the animal then multiply the number by 100. When this ratio is under 100 then the Horn measurement is shorter than the animals height. When the 'Horn 2 Height' ratio is over 100 then the horn length is greater than the animals height. This 'Horn 2 Height' ratio can easily be compared to the 'Horn 2 Height' ratio of standard longhorn Horn showcase winners.

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