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Spring Trip to Texas, New Dog, New Heifers

We recently made a trip to Texas to visit with family for Easter break. Sarah's mother is having some serious health issues and we appreciate everyone's prayers for her healing. While there we had several highlights both personal and ranch related. We got to help move furniture into a great outreach for kids called bountiful place, where they offer after school help and support to low income kids. We got to visit the Mann's on their longhorn ranch and pic out a few new heifers. We went to the longhorn show in Sulpher Springs, TX and we picked up a new puppy for our ranch.

Let's start with the puppy. We needed to add some new bloodlines as the female puppy we kept was by our male we had. We are starting her on stock and hope to have a pair to use to work. But we needed a dog from working lines and I had some preferences, .......

Next we were able to pick out a few more heifers to add to our genetics. We had our eye out for a particular color being white with black points and found a great one just as we had ordered. I had seen a very small little heifer that was yellow and white before at their ranch and she was out in one of the pastures we went through. I ask about her and was suprised she was available for sale and she was our second. The last one I found was white base coat with some impressive horns for her age and also very tiny. She was running with a bull that I hoped would be bred but came up open. The last one was a sister to ruby bred to their 80 inch bull. These all got their health certificates and had them shipped out to join our herd. Not the best pictures so if you want to see them in better photos and clearer background go to their pages.

Midnight Moon

Little Spanky

Delta Moon

Ava Rocket

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