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The Search for a new Herd sire begins

Well it is that time. We have several daughters of our Herdsire that we have retained and they are looking great. So before we end in a crunch we are starting our new search for a replacement. We learned some things from our first one and hope to not make the same mistakes as before. Although they were not major there are some things I would do differently. So here goes what we are looking for.

Halter broke or young enough to be halter broke. This is because we plan to show them every year at our state fair, and hopefully more longhorn shows in the future, should CA longhorn association host any, or ITLA get a club together out here. (insert shameless plug for action) Also being halter broke will allow us the option to collect them in the future for AI should we desire to. Which leads to DNA of parents. Our previous bull did not have the DNA on his dam done and she was sold before it was able to be done. This prevents us from even discussing it as an option, even though he, has never thrown a solid, throws good temperament, calves are small in size and he is Black and white, which seems to be in vogue in the longhorn world.

Color to spare. I see to many bull calves that in my opinion need to be steers, I'm no expert and have only kept one as a bull calf so far and he is still under inspection constantly. His merits are that his mom is small in stature, well below the 45 inch mark, and has horns that are great in proportion to her size. She is further the 2022 CA state fair mini cow champion. He is all white, which has conflicting information as to his progeny. Some say all white throws white and others say that when bred to not white solids will throw color. We plan to show him through 2023 CA state fair and see how he does, then will make a further decision. By then we will have a much better idea of his size, horns and temperament. He is living with a few heifers now so we may find out if he throws color sooner than we plan. Wink, wink.

Would love to know there is shapely and decent length horns up close in pedigree. Some say you can't have it but I have several with very good horn proportions to their size. NO I don't have any world records, but they are also not little jersey/dexter sized horns either. The bull calve I would love to see would have small size, twisted horned dam that has good length and painted color pattern. But alas I haven't found him. I do have tabs on a couple that I plan to buy and raise out to see if they fit some of the above. I just read an amazing article by I believe Wes Watson online and basically said if what you want doesn't exist then breed for it. So I am formulating a multi year plan to get this bull calf. I have my eye on several. I know I have a decent eye as one that I looked at in the fall just won grand champion and is only a Jr bull. Granted he was brindle and not a lot of white but I need to get him still, that is if I can talk the owners out of him.

Another I have my eye on and trying to close the deal on has mom with nice swooping roll to her horns and they are longer than any I currently have or have seen on a mini. This will bring in great length and I already have pairings picked for him this year should I get him. He along with a grulla that I have put a deposit on are about what my budget is going to allow this year. However if I get a grulla bull I am going to need some black cows to get more grulla so her is praying the next three calves I get are black and white heifers, which would be from my smallest cow also. My last plan is that I am trying to invest in mini longhorn bull semen, especially if heifer sexed. I have two that are of particular interest and I would purchase some in advance to help them move forward. One a gray roan with AMAZING horns and the other probably the smallest sized mature bull I have seen.

So here we end and keep checking back to see what we find and keep.

PS: Follow along as we try and get Diva back into America's favorite pet animal kingdom for 2023.

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