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Longhorn steaks on a bbq

Delicious healthy lean beef is, What's for dinner!

Let us help you fill your freezer with some great tasting texas longhorn beef,

that's healthy for your heart.

Yes you read that right GOOD FOR YOUR HEART. Look at the data in the table to the right. Most doctors recommend people switch to chicken for heart health because of the low Cholesterol. BUT check again. Now you can enjoy beef that is lower than chicken in Cholesterol. 

From our pasture, through your freezer, across the BBQ and onto your plate we want to help you with a healthy option of beef. Whether you want a whole beef or only 1/2 or a 1/4 we can help you out. We love the taste of healthy grass fed beef that is finished on pasture with grain. If you have specific request that you want contact us to see if we can fill your freezer with just the right meat.

Texas longhorn beef is leaner and should be cooked slower than other beef to maintain it's amazing flavor.

Grass Fed Beef: Our Farm
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