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Bull prospects to replace Rocky

Updated: Jan 18

Rocky's replacement. He has brought us lots of colored calves and seems to bring down the size no matter who he is bred to. We are excited for what his calves will do in shows this coming year. We have heifers we are keeping from him and all our cows are bred to him this year. Most of our mini longhorn cows that calve this year will also likely be bred back to him for next year as well, which will hopefully give us some more heifers to grow our herd.

We have one homegrown bull calf by Rocky, Toy Luke Skywalker that is by our 2022 CA state Fair Grand Champion mini all age cow, Delta. She is only 43 inches so we are excited about him and plan to breed him to a few test cow, and we fully expect him to bring down the size even more than Rocky did. His horns are really coming on strong and are longer than females his age. He is also our oldest son's 4H breeding bull project.

Grulla Texas Longhorn
Toy California Steel

This next guy, Toy California Steel, we were hopeful for and his color is amazing. This is a bull calf that we bought him and his mom last year to ad grulla to our program. We will be growing him out but reality is once we got her here the mom is not mini. So we are already considering moving him to a new home that wants to raise standard longhorns and wants to add color or make him a steer and show him that way. His dam is a very nicely colored cow with a very nice set of rolling texas twist horns on her. We are hoping to use her and breed down a true grulla mini. Here's to hoping.

Red and white miniature Texas longhorn bull
Toy Dr Suess

Toy Dr Suess is red and white bull is from a dam with 90 inch horns. She is butler influenced and his dad is a yard art ranch bull. This guy has amazing attitude and from day one was super mellow. I was able to get a halter on and by second day he was leading around. We are very excited for the horn growth potential that he could add to our program as well as the calm demeanor out of such calves as he should produce.

We also have found a few secret bulls we are trying to negotiate and bring to the west coast. If successful we should have one of the most robust bull batteries of Miniature Texas longhorn bulls for color, size, horn available to pick from. We also plan to start collecting semen from Mini longhorn bulls that are out there with semen available. I know of two that I have seen in person that I really like and will soon be purchasing that. These are our current plans for Rocky's replacement. This coming year we plan to selectively put these young bulls with select cows to bring out their best. If you want to lease a bull I am sure we could arrange something.

Thaks for your time.

Looking forward to 2024.

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