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"Could you catch them?" She ask shyly

Well who knew that that would be a test in the next minute. We had previously taken the older 4 cows up to the pasture we had. However I was saving delivering the two I was working on halter breaking until right before we left out of state. I also wanted the owner to see them and show her that these you could pet. Well we get them out and lead them around a few then let her pet them. She was quite taken with them and how cute they are.

I hand the two lead ropes to my 6 year old and tell him to hold them while I get the bag of alfalfa cubes so we can lure up the others so they can connect up and then hang together. Well I can't say what happened as I had the bag of cubes on my shoulder. All I do know is that I look over and there go the two calves down the hill with halters and ropes attached. "Uh guys what happened?" He answered "I couldn't hold on".

Well I should have known when she ask earlier to stop all things and get the ropes off so I wouldn't have to prove it. Now I had to prove I could catch them as I could not leave them with halter and ropes out there in all the brush and rocks. AUUUGGH. Well about 30 minutes later that felt like hours we catch the heifer. Thankfully I thought to tie her up instead of just taking off the halter.

The little guy headed out and found the older cows, however when I caught up with them they were not happy he was there. Two of them in particular were charging him and keeping him away from the baby. The baby is only 2 weeks old and he is 6 months old. His momma does not seem to care that he is back with them. Well I try to separate them and cut him off but to no avail they head up the hill and him right with them. This is the second time I have circled the big mountain on the place so I send the 6 year old, along the fence line so he can't get lost, back to the catch pen to open so I can herd them all up and try that way. WELL the little rat had other plans.

Off he went around the mountain again. I am trotting along around the top and he is circling the bottom with my dog trailing along not doing much. PS. note to self. yes she needs more training! Well I get around this time and try to cut him off and get him back with the older cows but he has decided if they don't like him he is leaving and keeps going. Well he heads around again and I think oh great. I slow a little and think I'll just climb up here and watch my dog work him around. Well when I get on top to look over they are gone. I mean GONE. I look and no where can they be seen. I look slower thinking maybe he laid down and is trying to hide. but no white on either animal can be seen.

So I think for second and decide I am just going to have to leave him here tonight and come back the next with my horse to rope him. So I head back up to the truck and trailer to talk with the owner and let her know what I have to do.

As I am walking back I hear my 6 year old hollering . When I get closer he tells me he caught him. I then see that he is tied up next to the heifer. So my 6 year old redeemed himself for letting them go in the first place. Lesson to be learned. IF your going to take half broke cows to the mountains take off the halters in the trailer or put 100 foot trailing ropes on them. :)

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