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Does weaning time have = Orchestra Horn section practice?

Anyone that has ever had siblings learn an instrument or a child or visited a family that does knows that often it is not always the most pleasing sound. Well I am pretty sure that my cow channeled a response to all the times I said anything someone could construe as negative towards practice, and took up the horn section in her throat. Oh! WOW! can she holler. There has to be a better way my poor neighbors but I had to wean her to give her a few months off before she calves again. So are there options.

I mean I only weaned one cow and this much noise. I may need to worry about a mob if I wean multiple animals at once. I don't remember all the noise before so I need to re-evaluate what I am doing and figure out a better way. I remembered that last year I used the nose attachements to wean in the pen with the mothers, so that is one option. I felt it did good but this year, forgot to implement them before I took the babies to another pasture. I don't think I will forget next year.

Another option has to do with an old wives tale that goes along with a local vet's practice. This guy is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge and amazing vet to have available. He will only castrate on the moon cycle. Now I can't say I remember which it is, waning vs waxing but he is very adamant that the amount of bleeding does change if not done on the correct moon phase. Well recently I read of weaning on the last quarter moon decreases the amount of stress on both cattle and calves. So this year when I wean the rest of my cows I plan to watch the moon cycle and see if I can tell a difference from this current parade display of horns that my cow is putting us all through.

Old wives tale: Wean on the last quarter moon and have peaceful days and quite nights.

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