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Four new heifers!!!

Updated: May 18, 2021

Excited to be adding new color and bloodlines to our herd. Love the horn length and small size of these options. I went looking especially for a white with colored nose. So I love the little black nose heifer. the other three bring new color options as well as genetics to our herd.

micro mini cow
Midnight moon, highligted in black

We really like this black point heifer and are hoping to show her. She comes out of great show bloodlines and we look forward to watching her mature and grow horn and excited for her future calves as well.

Mini cow, miniature texas longhorn cow
White tailed ruby

I really wanted another one out of Dark Rocket and here she is with some white. She is a sister to our Ruby and I love the horns they exhibit. She is a bit old to halter break but she is bred and we are super excited about the calf. I don't care if this one is a bull or heifer.

Micro mini cow
Delta moon: very small and exposed

I am super excited about this white heifer as she is definitely one of the smaller coming two year olds I have seen. I love her look, horn growth, bloodlines as well as the bull she may be carrying a calf by. The 2M ranch was gracious in letting her go and I am grateful. Depending on her attitude and my time I may try halter breaking her. I think she is going to be front pasture material.

Micro mini cow
Spanky: a promising micro cow

Here is a darling little thing that I was sure would be out of my price range. She is tiny and yellow and white, a color I wanted to add. I will be halter breaking her and as she is coming two could be a pill to halter break but because she is so small I believe I can do it. I am hoping she comes around to a sweet little thing and stays tiny so I can have my little ones show her and maybe even get her into therapy.

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