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Herdsire prospect.

What to look for in your next herdsire prospect. This is focused on our ranches desire to raise mini Texas longhorns so adapt the primary characteristics of your breed when breed specific topics are covered. For us we are looking for registered stock so papers are a priority. This helps us know that the genetic makeup behind the bull has genetics we desire. somethih to remember is a bull is half the calf crop. This means greater care should be given to his selection than the cows. No not male chauvinism, it is a mathematical fact that a bull will be breeding multiple cows so half of each calf will be from the bull. Whereas only half of one calf will be from a mediocre cow. Of course buy the best you can afford but your bull should likely be the highest priced animal you purchase. Be prepared to pay 2-3 times the price of a heifer calf. If one is for sale below that a few questions to ask the seller is. 1. What percent of bull calves do you keep in tact? 2. What stood out on this bull above the rest that he is still a bull? There are way to many animals running around that should be steers. Only the top 10% should be kept as bulls.

Below is our current herdsire and his calf crop from this year. As you can see he throws colorful calves and that comes from a great genetics.

So remember if someone has a bull calf that is your perfect fit be prepared to pay for it. Things to pay attention to our confirmation. No visible flaw should be tolerated in your bull. Just imagine if that flaw shows up in half his calves. Real quick buyers will think of that flaw associated with your animals. So look him over close and pass buy something that isn’t perfection to your eye.

Attitude is something else to pay attention to. You don’t want something that is going to chase you out of the pen when you get in there. Color sells so finding a beautiful marked one is important. For us also that he produces color is a bonus. We like LONG horns so having one that has and produces horns is a must, for what a bull produces you must look at his dam. A bull will likely produce heifers like the females in his line so ask to see his dam if possible, while looking check her udder to see if it is the kind you want on all your heifers. The horn shape is somewhat of a chance but the more animals in the pedigree with horns like you want the higher chances he will produce it. So to recap don’t settle for the cheap bull in the neighborhood. 😁

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