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Why Miniature Texas Longhorns

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Wow what amazing looking animals. I began an endeavor to be closer to the production of the milk, of which I love. So I began researching the possibility of buying a milk cow. I didn't like the idea of a lot of the commercialized necessities that are needed to ensure a consistent clean product to the consumer. I started researching the different milk breeds of cows available and very shortly decided that I didn't want one of the major breeds for the very reason they are great milk cows, they produce a LOT of milk. I didn't want to become the cucumber neighbor with my milk, they can produce up to 4 gallons a day. What do you do with 28 gallons of milk a week. There is only so much cheese, yogurt, butter, etc a single family can consume, and here in California it is illegal to sell it without processing, which is what I am looking to get away from. This led me to thinking.

What would happen if I milked a beef breed, I mean, they wouldn't produce as much milk. Right. Ok so the research I found suggest that they do produce less but still I was looking to become that cucumber neighbor. So then I found mini beef breeds and Ouila. Ok not quite. The mini breeds still produce quite a lot, they would reduce me to the infrequent cucumber neighbor. Then I came across Miniature Texas Longhorns. Don't get me wrong I like seeing any cows, but the myriad of colors are truly amazing and the horns who doesn't like to see a great big set of those things. They are the images movies are made of. BUT really milk a longhorn.

According to research their maternal instinct, which includes milking ability runs high amongst them. So if I got some of these beautiful animals, and kept the calf on one while milking then I could keep myself from becoming the dreaded cucumber neighbor. :)

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