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Let the calving begin.

Updated: May 18, 2021

Well believe this or not this guy gave us a jump on our calving season and he is not Mini longhorn or at least not purebred. This is the calf out of our jersey milk cow that we keep for our milk and for a nurse cow to graft babies on that we want to have a lot tamer for pets. :) What can I say the memories of bottle feeding were not the highlight back in my childhood. So this guy was announced first when I was expecting the following calf to come first.

Well this guy was dragging his feet and mom, our first time heifer, wasn't giving any clues to being close. After reading all about longhorns not giving any signs I wasn't to worried and had her down to be calving soon, so had brought her down to be in our pasture by the house for closer watching. Well someone drove by and there was no news, but when they came back by within the hour mom had popped out this colorful little confetti marked black and white bull with no problems. I was worried a bit as her bag was not showing any sign of having milk. However I was able to check and she has super thick colostrum that can be milked out. She is not super protective and allows us to hold and pet him and take pictures with the kids. We are hoping to keep him as a bull as he was fairly small size when he was born and comes from big horned cows. We plan to show him at California state fair, under a new governor hopefully, in 2021. I believe he may be to young to show by himself so will be on the side of his dam there. We hope to see you guys there. Find us in the animal shed and stop by, We'll have mini texas longhorns you can pet there.

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