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Now to find some one to make my branding Iron

Well I had done some research a while back and looking at pricing and other elements like quality and customer service decided on a company.

I had several choices to go with.

1. Do it myself, I have worked metal, I can weld and I have done some blacksmithing.

2. Have someone local make one

3. Purchase from an online catalog

4. Buy it from a iron maker

Well I decided that the time it would take for me to make one would not be worth the hassle of it. Even though I am confident I could do it and get the breaks all in the corners like it is needed I just quite frankly don't want to. So cross off choice number one.

Choice number two would be my much preferred choice in almost all matters. However I am pretty sure since there isn't a lot of branding going on around here there isn't any shops that would understand the technique of how to make a good brand. I'm sure it would look great on wood but I need one for animals.

Now number three is my least favorite buying option for absolutely anything. I love to support local people and only buy online when it is the only choice. My experience has been that there is just not quality behind the products I have gotten from such places and their customer service usually isn't great.

So that leaves me with the last choice. But wait there are so many makers of branding irons online which do you choose. Well after researching and emailing I believe I am going to go with Pittsburg foundry. They had prompt response times to my emails and answered my questions. They are more reasonable than most places but have high reviews from what I can find. My next choice would be L&H brands as they come highly recommended.

I believe I am going to go with a stainless steel brand even though it is more as I plan on making a display for it to place on our front porch. I have a grand idea for it and if it works out it is going to look great. So check back for pictures of the branding iron on display and maybe it will inspire others. I have not seen anything like what I have in mind.

The Lazy T-Bone brand.

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