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Puppies here and gone

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Well we are excited that others find our puppies as irresistible as we do. We had a litter of 5 females and 1 male which all sold fairly quickly. There was one traditional marked black and white with the rest being merle. Two red merle, two blue merles and one that was closest to blue but was definitely a different color. Either a strange tri merle or a lilac or ??? I kept a red merle out of the last litter to start on sheep and she is doing ok with only me training her. Have got to get her started and in control as today when out with the big cows who have 4 foot plus horns she darted at the biggest on to let her know she would bite her. I have to be careful not to get her thrown or hurt before training so her spirit is not hindered. She was definitely letting the cow know she thought she was boss. I think I might trade out my defective sheep for some new ones.

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