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Spring break adds new heifers and dog to lazy T-bone

Updated: May 18, 2021

We recently made a trip to Texas to visit with family for Easter break. Sarah's mother is having some serious health issues and we appreciate everyone's prayers for her healing. While there we had several highlights both personal and ranch related. We got to help move furniture into a great outreach for kids called bountiful place, where they offer after school help and support to low income kids. We got to visit the Mann's on their longhorn ranch and pic up a few new heifers. We went to the longhorn show in Sulpher Springs, TX and we picked up a new puppy for our ranch.

Let's start with the puppy. We needed to add some new bloodlines as the female puppy we kept was by our male we had. We are starting her on stock and hope to have a pair to use to work. But we needed a dog from working lines and I had some preferences that I wanted in a dog. I required that it be from stock working lines and be ABCA registered, I preferred that it be smooth coat, be a red carrier and be non traditionally marked. Well Jazz hit all them out of the park and has one blue eye as a bonus. We are excited for him to join our family.

The boys made a road trip over to OK and saw the 2M herd of mini's and my boys helped me finalize our new additions from their stock. We added 4 new heifers, (see other blog about them) and they got to see a lot of actual mini sized longhorns. We are excited for the opportunity of adding these longhorn genetics to our herd. Then we went over to the ITLA show in Sulpher Springs, TX and saw the Mann's there as well as many other longhorns both mini and regular sized. There was a great big horned cow that we tried to get a picture by and she was head dropping and coming at the boys. It was a good thing she was tied and there was a fence between us, but I wondered how she showed as she did not seem like a nice cow. Here are a few shots of ones I took at the 2M ranch, Justus even tried to feed the one a weed out in the pasture, she didn't stay around long enough for him to get much closer. Little people are scary.

To close out the blog we got to help out at a great place called Bountiful House. They have been through a two year expansion and we got to help them move all their stuff out of two storage units and then to set up, clean some and help decorate. Well actually, I just moved stuff and hung stuff where the ladies told me to, and yes there was the aspect of moving the one table forty-eleven times until it found it's home. LOL If you want more info on them and the great work they do you can find them online, it is definitely a worthwhile cause right in our nation.

Until next time enjoy the pics.

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