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State Fair preps

Halter cows lined up getting sensory training for California state fair longhorn show. If you care to stop by and see us we should be in the livestock barn July 28-31. We would love to meet you, and you can see mini longhorns in person.

This is our first time so we probably did a lot wrong but we are trying and hope to be back next year better than we are this year.

We weaned some a little early in hopes the kids could show them and that is going rough. Next year I plan to graft them into my nurse cow and mess with them a lot more early on so they are tame enough for even little ones.

The yearlings we raised on our nurse cow are a lot more mellow but size is still overwhelming to our little guys. We have two yearlings we are showing.

Then we are showing four mommas with their calves still on them and hope I see them do well. We were told there would be a mini division this year but it slipped by early on so next year I hope to stay in better contact with the Fair staff to insure it isn’t overlooked. We are showing a few in halter and supposedly not many do.

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