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That point when you wonder if you bought a monster

I have been researching and looking for some miniature Texas Longhorns for about a year and a half. I have read about everything I can find online and was attempting to make educated purchases. I have been around cows and know most character traits to look for and avoid. I talked to several breeders, visited ranches, emailed questions, and even made it to a show to see them. I didn't necessarily want to pay show animal prices.

I finally found some from several places and put together a nice little picturesque herd. My next problem was getting them shipped out to CA from OK, as there are not any registered animals for sale in CA. This was when the trouble began to peak it's head out. It started with rain, rain, rain, which in itself would not be a problem but the seller with health problems didn't want to chance getting stuck. Waited through the spring then the heat hit and we had to wait through the summer. Finally get them over to the vet for their health check up and a place to load for the livestock hauler to not have to chase them around but be able to load easy. The seller mentioned something about 'treating these animals like thoroughbreds as they can be flighty.' that I needed to give them time and treat them nicely to get them calmed down and used to me. Right

Then the vet assistant while discussing the health requirements etc ask me. "Have you seen these cows?" I said yes we drove around and I got some pictures of them from the sellers truck. Then she says well the vet said he had to work them outside the pen because they chased him out of the corral. Oh my what have I bought. I have small children and have concerns, they are beautiful animals and structurally correct with great twist horn genetics. Oh what do I do. So we shall see if I can use any method to get them halfway tame. Then plan on using them to get calves out of but seriously considering taking the calves at birth and imprinting them, and bottle raising them or keeping them separate except to nurse. I really don't want the babies to have this attitude and was considering entering our local county fair.

Keep in touch to see how this turns out.

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