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The monster continues.

Well she arrived. The waiting is over and yes I will be directing the next movie hit titled 'How to train a Monster'. Ok maybe not. She might be singing the song 'I lost my horns in Ca.' or how to stay cool on a BBQ. I'm not sure.

I do know that I met a nice guy that hauls cattle that is deaf and while unloading he, via texting, tells me, 'the brindle one is crazy'. If she comes I have to get out of the way. I'm like ok the vet was right. He says her half sister is great but her not so much. Well we get them all unloaded, in the dark, into three separate pens. I with I had thought and put her in the high fence pen but instead she ended up out by the road and in the pen with the shortest fence. I am hoping that she is still there in the morning! If not I have no clue how we will catch her as I think she may go after people.

Any ideas to calm a crazy cow. She has been unhandled basically so would like to see first if she will calm down before we send her to the freezer.

Beauty is only skin deep!

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