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What a Passel of Puppies

Patch x Jazz did not disappoint in color.

Well we hunted for a male from lines that had good work ethic, strong drive, and trainable attitude along with non traditional markings and a carrier of the red gene. Well we finally found a pup in Texas that we road tripped him out to Cali. Time is the only thing that tells whether a pup will grow up to it's expectation and bloodlines. Well so far we are very excited and pleased with how Jazz is coming along in his training and work ethic. His only real problem is my lack of training and miscommunications. :)

Well when it comes to color they certainly did not disappoint. I wanted a non traditional marked dog in hopes of getting some more wildly colored pups and that happened. We go a myriad of colors as well as lots of splashes. From Black and White to wild colored blue merle across to Red and a strawberry 'Red Merle'. These guys are certainly going to get lots of love as our little one already has her 'fwavwite' favorite in 2 year old and the rest want to keep them all.

Mom has a lot of eye when working goats and balances amazingly all on her own. Dad has bite to spare that I am learning to control and try to keep busy enough to not create problems. As I learn I hope to post more about his progress but I make so many mistakes right now that he has to compensates for.

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