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What color is she?

Meet Spanky, one of our most exciting mini longhorns!!

She is going to be great with her horns heading for a great twist on this amazing colored hide. What would you call this? The longhorn registries don't have a palomino color description but most times she seems like a very lite colored or washed out palomino paint. I plan to experiment once halter broke with the horse product 'Gold as Sun' to see if I can pop that color out.

Here she is in a different light and color looks more Grulla. I am curious if there is a color test for longhorns that I could do to see what she is. According to the double Helix longhorn website there are two locations that can cause this color one being the dilute gene and the other being the dun gene. Not sure which she is and her color seems to change so much depending on the light. The only thing that seems consistent is that when I got her you could barely see the paint pattern and it is more visible now but the color ever changing. I can't say I feel I have captured the true color of her yet.

Back to a palomino colored picture and her horns show up good in this picture also. She also in this picture seems to have two tones of color with the dark spot there on her belly while others are much lighter.

One of my favorite pictures of her showing her color to be more of the very light grulla, maybe a double dilute? This was taken on a cloudy day so maybe that accounts for it but overcast days are supposed to be great for pictures, maybe not cows.

The above picture shows her horns starting to twist I believe, which we are very hopeful for and excited to watch grow. Below is a then and now picture showing her horn growth since we bought her. She is on track to challenge our other true to size mini's with respect to horn length and she is our smallest female. She has been confirmed bred for a summer 22 calf which we are very excited for. She came exposed to an amazing bull but preg checked open so we can pray for an early calf by him but she is very likely carrying a Rocky calf. Black and dilute that is exciting.

FYI all photos were taken with my iphone and none of them were edited for color only cropped to size.

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