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3 Years to find a Red Merle Border Collie

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

At the time, we had a herd of goats. I don't know about you but chasing a goat herd that has escaped is not my idea of fun. If you read my previous post you know that cattle are my 1st love in animals. So I began looking for a herding dog that would allow me to sit on the porch and have it do my work. After diligent searching I realized that the border collie was my dog of choice. But not just any it needed to be striking as I wanted something that would be appealing to the eye, hence a red merle. Not often seen in border collie's but indeed a color that is very old.

I began looking but so many that have 'working' border collies only had pictures of them chasing frisbees or agility. I'm not knocking those that do agility but that was not the type of work I was looking for. I finally found someone in Georgia that had pictures and video's of their dogs working cattle. So Kip joined our family and never got to herd goats, a story for another time, even though she got formally trained.

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