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Our Return to California State Fair

Well this year we are looking to return to CA state fair and hope you can stop to see us and our miniature Texas longhorns. We are excited for what we have learned and hope we are better able to showcase our animals for you to enjoy. We also look forward to seeing all the new friends we made from last year as we return. From Llamas and Alpacas to sheep and goats our barn friends were fun to meet and talk to. So look for us and our miniature Texas longhorns in the animal barn. We look to bring back most of the animals that we had there last year and a few younger ones as well as some hopeful new purchases.

One thing that is exciting is that we will be having our own classes as miniatures and not competing against the standard sized longhorns. So come cheer for us as our kids lead them and show them. Hopefully, even our 3 year old will be there for you to cheer. We also plan to show a few in non-halter class.

Here are some of the animals we plan to show at state fair. Adelaide is very excited to show Diva. We will see if Diva is a willing participant when the time comes. We are working on her leading and even entered her into Merced County fair just for the practice to get her used to the settings and sounds. She was at State Fair last year on her mom, Spanky, as a two month old calf. She has changed in color somewhat since then and added some amazing contrast. Looking more like a calico than any description we could give her.

This next one is a bull calf that was also at State Fair last year with his mom, Delta that won grand champion mini, as a two month old. We kept him as a bull because his mom won grand champion and is only 43 inches tall with 44+ inch horns. Here he is pretending to be to tired to walk. He does fairly good and we are not sure how long we will keep him a steer so if you need a small sized mini sire check him out. Jude will likely be the one leading him around the arena.

Jigsaw is the next one and she will be returning from last year as Champion Jr Heifer in the standard longhorn division so we are excited to see her in the mini classes. She will likely be lead by Justus in the arena as he loves to lead her around at home, even though she is quite big for him. She has grown tremendously since last year and her partner Scarletta will also likely be returning.

We also plan to bring back some of the older cows. Delta will likely be shown in teh non haltered division and Spanky as well with their calves at side. Felina we plan to show in halter and is the star of a coloring book we are working on as well that we are hoping to have available there. We will see what others we bring and are also looking at the purchase of a few new ones to add different genetics, color and horn to our mini program.

So if you find yourself at California State Fair please look us up in the animal barn and say hello. Follow us on Instagram, Youtube, Rumble and subscribe where possible. We are also on if you care to become a monthly supporter and help provide support for a small agrifarm opperation that gives you a glimpse into our lives. All support and subscribing is very much appreciated.

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