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Puppies Adelaide screamed bouncing in to tell her siblings

Yes, we have puppies again. Adelaide is quite delighted and already wants to keep several she has picked out.

Sydney surprised us with 6 healthy puppies. I must say I am surprised at the number of non traditional marked ones. I like the non traditional marked ones and bought a male for that the had the bite I needed to add. Mom is a long coat (not the full shag) red and white traditional marked with really good bite and balance. I have not put the full time in her as I really wanted to sell her. I prefer the short coat.

Here we have 2 males and 4 females. for males we got one black and white traditional, the only black coat. Then the non traditional marked with the most spots is the other male. The females are one red traditional and three non traditional. marked ones. These pups are going to make some nice working stock dogs.

The dad is our dog Jazz who has really nice head shot on cows even with horns and should they be to free with the horns he will bark at them as well to get them to turn. Still working on his training but he has made my life so much easier.

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