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Fancy paint job vs black and white

Well here we are again with puppies for sale. I was reminiscing over when I looked for three years looking for a working stock dog with color. I called so many and the stories seemed to mostly end up the same. Their idea of work was agility or Frisbee chasing. Now I am not knocking frisbee dogs, but that was not the type of work I was thinking of. Border collies were bred to WORK Stock. Yet no one had merle dogs that worked stock. Now I guess i could have settled for simply a black and white dog or a little flare with a red and white dog but I wanted something that looked better than just average. Well I did finally get her. Kip was my original red merle and the owner had pictures of both her parents working stock, I ask to be put on her mailing list as she had most of her pups presold and a waiting list. I knew I wanted a red merle, short haired female. As luck would have it her next litter she had one.

When Kip arrived I was ecstatic, leading up to it I taught my two year old to say we wanted a 'red merle border collie puppy dog'. She had a lot of drive and I sent her off to training about a year old, only to have my dad decide to sell all the stock and put in trees. Now trees don't herd very well so when I got her back from training she became a family pet that has been great for and with my kids. She herds everything that would move.

She has given us some extremely colorful pups from sires that have great work ethic and bloodlines. I look forward to seeing her pups excel as working dogs.

We brought in Jazz to add some grit to work hard animals as well as some pizazz to the coat pattern. Well he has not disappointed. He is a great head dog and we are trying to keep him busy enough to stay out of trouble. He will hit the front end of an animal pretty much everywhere to turn them. With or without horns he is smart. I worked some longhorns with him that have 5ft plus horns and he stayed out of their way with those horns, and then started barking to move them. He was playing it very smart darting in and out staying just away from those horns and barking to get the momma cows to move. I was amazed as he had not worked this long of horned animals and still knew how to get them to move. I am super excited about these pups and am very seriously considering keeping one. Check back for updated pics soon.

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