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Halter on the baby Miniature Texas Longhorn.

Well that didn't take near as long as expected nor was it as exciting, at least in the sense of craziness, roping etc.

I started out with the thought of working a horse around to accepting halter. So pushing her to just past her comfort zone several times a day and then backing away when she stood there. I was able to reach out and touch her the very first day, albeit on the third time in the pen with her.

The second day I was able to, by getting in the pen several more times, scratch her all the way up to her shoulder, also my 6 year old was able to. We began feeding her grain and calf manna as she was weaned right before coming to us. This should help her out nutritionally as well as make her more friendly towards us.

Today only the third day working her I was able to by staying with it for about 20 minutes get the halter on her. Although it did end up around her horns for a minute or three. But that allowed me to pull her around and her being small it didn't take long for her to calm down. I think maybe her bloodlines lead to her mellow attitude as I roped another much younger baby bull that gave quite a fight and was telling the neighbor hood about it. The Metal fence between MOMMA and I was very comforting for that one. Then I was able to work the halter onto her correctly to leave it and practice leading.

Check out the pics and let me know what you think.

Felina first haltered.
Felina, Jude and Justus, 2 out of 3 excited

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