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State Fair Week

Well our first day went much better than last year as we made sure to check out our truck tires before leaving. Last year we had a 2 hour delay as our tire was threadbare and we had to creep around from tire shop to tire shop and find one with our size tire. This year I made sure to have our tires checked, air pressure, oil, water etc all checked a few weeks out and also before we left. We made it up in record time being the first longhorns there and started setting up.

The boys and I got all set up and cows penned before the girls made it up. We had most of our booth in place with minor adjustments as we went along. It didn't take long for the cows to settle in. Having some who seemed to remember being there last year as well as the ones Jude showed at county fair they took to it right away.

From rides to naps to talking to people and petting animals the rest of the week we enjoyed ourselves and meeting everyone that came by. We signed up for the Herdsman award this year, which we missed last year simply because we didn't sign up. This is based on your booth presentation and how clean you keep it. Last year we swept and cleaned but the aisle still had bits and pieces of the straw. We discussed it with others how a small blower would really help, so this year I took one and my kids kept it busy. This helped us win the herdsman award so next year we get to pick our spot and booth space so worth the effort.

This led us to the show day which is the next blog.

So for now lets round up this blog and say good by until next.

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