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When to Brand

This was stolen from a FB page not mine but I wanted to save it for future info. I enjoy hearing from people that have been around a while. I've known old vets that follow the moon phases for specific things, so wanted to archive this info. Thanks to Karl Kressman for posting and I don't even know you but hope to meet some day.

Lazy T-bone cattle brand

Karl Kressman 3-4'' fire brands always work better'n electric(& what if power goes off r electric brand malfunctions?) brand n cool weather so flys dont aggravate wounds & salve'm if u can but not necessary....u CAN brand calves 2 small/young & remember the earth is held 2ghter with all manners of forces & tides & gravity etc.....if u brand an animal during a ''GROW'N" moon(aftr new moon) it WILL grow with the animal.....brand'm durin a "WANE'N moon (aftr the full moon) & brand size will stay the same.....another tip that i learn'd Rodeo'n.....brand ur cattle n the proper location on the animal....number brands placed on the loin just n front of the hip r ezly read from a truck , horse , on foot , within a herd , r n a chute its ALWAYS visable.....iv us'd birthdates 4 40yrs on my if it was born on Jan 5-19 its # will b 15/9 & i uzly place the yr # on the shoulder & PH on the hip....brands will peel better & b more ledgible if animals weigh @ least 500lbs

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