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Wow we won a lot of Reserve Ribbons

Well to start off with we didn't bring home championships like last year. There were professional ringers that came out from OKLAHOMA and entered our state fair. I have followed them online for several years and met them before so knew they had mini's. I was shocked though when they pulled in. After talking with them and realizing they traveled 31 hours straight through I realized I just thought I was crazy. I certainly wouldn't travel that far for a one day halter only show. Enough about that. On to the placings. We were not aware others were coming so took enough animals that all our kids could show as well as make the show interesting for people watching. Our kids did great with their animals being able to control them and showed without show sticks which is a goal for us next year to be able to better place their legs and present them better.

Which One placed third with Sophia on the lead she was in our first class to show. This calf is staying small, we'll see about her by next year.

Mya was shown by Jude in the next class and placed 2nd in her class and we really like her horn growth and size. She was beat out of Reserve age champion by Diva.

Diva took 2nd and Reserve Junior heifer, shown by Adelaide, with help from dad. This little one is a keeper and color to spare with decent horns.

Patches took 3rd place with Justus on the lead. I really like her dam, and am hoping for a cow like her that is such an easy keeper.

We had three of the 4 animals in the championship drive here and had to draft Maddy to help us out with Mya. Thanks Maddy.

Here Jigsaw is behaving but Scarletta did not want to set up at all and kept dancing around. Jigsaw ended up 2nd and Reserve Sr heifer champion.

Our last females to show were Felina and Spanky with her calf California Gold. Spanky took 3rd and Felina took 2nd and Reserve Champion female.

Now to the Bulls we took.

Luke didn't do as well as we thought he would. The judge seemed to like the skinnier bony animals for this show. He placed 2nd in his class and didn't make it in the Championship classes

California Steel placed really well getting 1st in his class and champion Jr Bull. The judge seemed to like the bigger animals going with a standard bred bull for champion and picking this one as Jr champion.

Well this was the last single animal we showed and quite frankly he suprised us. We only have had him for a short time. He is definitely on the skinnier side and we have been working on getting weight on him. He came away with a 2nd, Reserve Sr champion and Reserve Mini Bull champion.

That wraps up our showing at the State fair. Here is hoping the judge next year likes our animals more and well likely be bringing less animals to compete since others travel to such lengths to be here, we don't have to feel like we need to fill the classes.

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